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January 8, 2021

Bali Villa R Us: Weekly and Monthly Bali Villa Rentals in Seminyak

Living in Bali is almost everyone’s dream. If you want to stay longer in Bali rather than for a holiday or a business, it’s better to find a villa with complete facilities where you can pamper yourself at the same time as the facility’s offer. We offer you some selection villas for weekly and monthly, even long-term rental in the Seminyak area. Whether you need, desire, and taste, you will necessarily find it on our selection’s villas. We have private, family, or group villas that suit your request. Imagine you can stay in a private villa from small to large, complete with an infinity pool and great view and positive vibes. Enjoy the tropical beaches, beautiful temples, great food, and tropical weather around the year in Bali privates villa. We offer Bali villas in Seminyak with a strategic location that allows you to access business areas, cafe, or tourist objects. The villa for long term rental that we prepared will be like your home, fully furnished, with complete amenities. If you think villa rental in Bali is expensive, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered cause we have selected a range of prices that fits your budget. Check your favorite villas below and click the title to see detailed information.

Akhyana Village

1 Bedrooms Villa , Kayu Aya , Seminyak

Weekly IDR 5,576,200 – Monthly IDR 20,074, 320

Villa Alchemy

4 Bedrooms Villa, Kayu Aya , Seminyak

Weekly IDR 11,368,000 – Monthly IDR 40,924,800

Esha Drupadi II

3 Bedrooms Villa, Drupadi, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 8,697,500 – Monthly IDR 31,311,000

Villa CJ

2 Bedrooms Villa, Drupadi, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 4,851,000 – Monthly IDR 17,463,600

Villa Belle

4 Bedrooms Villa, Pakung Sari, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 12,250,000 – Monthly IDR 44,100,000

Eindra Villa

5 Bedrooms Villa, Pakung Sari, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 15,925,000 – Monthly IDR 57,330,000

Villa Ozamiz

4 Bedrooms Villa, Kayu Aya, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 6,174,000 – Monthly IDR 22,226,400

Villa Vitari

3 Bedrooms Villa, Sari Dewi, Seminyak

Weekly IDR 13,720,000 – Monthly IDR 49,392,000

5 Things To Do in Seminyak, Bali

After choosing the villa that suits your need, here are some recommendation things to do while staying at Seminyak, Bali. Make sure you don’t miss these places and activities during your stay in Bali. Check it out!

1. Going to Beach Club in Seminyak

Seminyak is popular for its long, beautiful beaches, and many trendy beach clubs are located right on the beach. All have drinks, food and sometimes even a swimming pool to spend your day. The list below shows the differences between each beach club in Seminyak.

-Potato Head Beachclub

-Mano Beachhouse

-La Plancha Bali

-Coup d’etat

2. Shopping in Seminyak

Local and international brands or Balinese handicrafts are all for sale in Seminyak. Eye-popping little boutique shops are everywhere, shopping for clothes or gifts, and the perfect thing to do in Seminyak.

-Bali Boat Shed

– Blonde bamboo

-Drifter Surf Shop

-Gift shop

3. Eating at favourite restaurants in Seminyak

The variety of restaurants in Seminyak is endless. Delicious Indonesian dishes, Italian pizzas, or Instagrammable smoothie bowls. Not to mention the stunning design of most of the restaurants in Seminyak. If you are a foodie, Seminyak will satisfy your taste buds! Best restaurant selection:

-Be Kind – Super beautiful smoothie bowl (all vegan)

-Flat Stanley – Delicious pizza!

-Clean Canteen – Delicious mix of them all (vegan option)

-Neon Palms – Breakfast, tapas, and cocktails.

4.  Enjoying Seminyak Beach’s View

Seminyak Beach is a beautiful wide beach, and compared to Canggu beach, Seminyak beach is white. With Petitengat beach, as far as the eye can see, this beach is a long stretch of sand. Daybeds are available for rent at local warehouses for around 50,000 Rupiah for half a day. (Get ready to bid)

5. Surfing with Seminyak’s Wave

While Seminyak isn’t the top place to surf in Bali like Uluwatu or Kuta, Seminyak has some great spots to catch beginner waves. Ask for a lesson from one of the surf schools, and you’ll be standing before you know it.