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October 25, 2018

Must visit destination in Canggu, North Kuta Bali


When you come to Bali, you would most probably be expecting a laid back atmosphere, where you can
laze around and enjoy the calm tropical breeze. Feeling the warm sand touching your skin while sipping
your favorite margaritas, could be the translation of the heaven on earth. For some of you, who long for the sense of coastal village intimacy, Canggu area could be much more enticing than the hype life of central Kuta. In this bohemian resort area, you can find some of the uncrowded beaches of Bali with rice paddy fields views along the streets. With only approximately 15 km away from the heart of Kuta, this area in North Kuta district is a perfect get away without being too isolated from the lively life of Bali.
Here, with this article, we are showing you a glimpse of Canggu life.

Canggu and its surrounding neighborhood villages can be said as the surfer heaven in Bali. The waves fit
well with all kind of surfing levels. Along the coastline you will find beaches with different names, such
as the Canggu Beach, Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Berawa Beach, Seseh Beach, and Pererenan Beach. These beautiful black sand beaches can be considered as the least commercialized beaches, where you can still enjoy some of authenticities of Bali village life. These beaches are not swimming beaches, but the ideal spots for surfers. You can get there from Kuta area by going north-west for around 50 minutes driving during busy hours.

Canggu beach was listed as one of the 100 best beaches in the world by CNN in 2013. This beach is not only offer a perfect spot for surfing, but also the perfect view. The long white curling waves that meet the sparkling black sand bring an impressive golden reflection of sunset. Pause yourself a little, while marveling the shifting of time, here in Bali.

This beach is originally called as Batu Mejan Beach, after the name of a Hindu sea temple on site. But then, the popularity of a restaurant named Echo Beach Club, has made the original name being overshadowed. Along your way to the beach, you will experience the accompaniment of lustrous rice fields that are well kept by the local villagers. This beach has brownish grey sand with some big coral reef on sight. This beach is suitable for advance surfers.

Batu Bolong is translated as Rock with a Hole. This name literally came from the iconic natural landmark of a huge coral reef that shape like it forms a hole in the middle of it. Just like the other beaches around
North Kuta, the black sand gives a picturesque reflection of sunset. Definitely a photographic must go for view hunters.

When people are mentioning Berawa Beach, most of them will refer to the one near Finns Beach Club,
but actually Berawa Beach is quite a long one. The black sand beach stretches from the Yeh Poh estuary
up to Pura Perancak for about 2 Km. Not just for surfers, here you can absolutely just simply enjoy the
breath-taking view. If you are lucky enough, you might also encounter the local fishermen coming from
the sea. This is also the reason why some area of this beach is also known as Nelayan Beach (Fishermen

Seseh Beach is about 17 Km away from Kuta Beach. Although it is situated next to the Echo Beach, this
beach is actually a part of the district of Mengwi. This is a nice secluded beach where things are more tranquil. Feel free to immerse yourself in the sand, enjoying the abundant sun and warm breeze. Walk
along the serenity of rice fields and hear the nature surround you.

Just next to Seseh Beach, you will find Pererenan Beach. This strong wave beach has an iconic statue of
Gajah Mina, a Balinese Hindu mythological creature with the head of an elephant and body of a fish. Here you can also venture along the beach with a guided horse-back riding experience, or simply enjoy a
romantic walk with your love one at sunset.


The village of Tibubeneng, a neighboring village of Canggu has a special cultural show every full moon.
The village is presenting Barong Dance. With the beautiful Berawa Beach Sunset as the background, the local performers are telling the story of Barong with their fluent dance act that accompanied by the vivacious Balinese ensembles. The Barong Dance is a traditional Balinese dance that is usually danced to prevent misfortune, or as a symbol of good deed fighting against bad deed.

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