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September 4, 2019

Family Horseback Riding In Bali

Must-Visit Places Horseback riding Places in Bali

One of the tourist sites in Indonesia which is quite famous. Bali is one of the tourist destinations visited by many tourists, both from domestic and abroad. Besides that, Bali is also famous as one of Indonesia’s very famous marine tourism. Bali is indeed visited by many beach tourists which makes us enchanted by its beauty.

Also, each tourist location has many facilities which will surely satisfy the visitors. But this time we will discuss some horse riding places in Bali that are quite interesting to visit. Bali itself has several attractive locations to be used as horse riding attractions.

Some of the horse riding places in Bali itself are riding schools that have international standards. This school has very complete facilities besides complete riding. If you visit Bali, don’t blame it on some of these horse riding places. some horse riding places in Bali itself, like,

Bali Horse Center

The first horse riding place in Bali that we will discuss is the Bali Equestrian Center (BEC). This place has one of the horses riding places in Bali which has an International standard.

This place is a horse riding school that introduces horses to children. This place does accept horse riding students from the age of 3 years. It was agreed early on.

This is to enable the emergence of love for horse racing and enable it to grow new talents in riding. This place provides various types and sizes of horses. We can find a pony that is intended for children. This type of horse is usually used for those who are still small, so it is easier to understand and play.

Besides pony horses, in this place, some horses are needed big. This ordinary horse is used by those who have grown up. Besides that, the horses are also used to train for those who are professionals. To introduce various things about horses, this place itself provides a variety of activities for children. Only introduce how to care for horses and feed the horse. This is to foster a sense of their love for horses.

Bali Equestrian Center itself is located at Jalan Karang Suwung, Berawa – Canggu, Bali. This place has 2.5 quite spacious places. On this vast land, various facilities are not only struggling about horses. If we visit here, we will find several boutiques that also sell various types of women’s trinkets. There is also a cafe, swimming pool & playground. Besides this location also has a very complete Indoor and Outdoor training area with very good quality too.

2. Royal Sporthorse Bali

This horse riding place in Bali is very suitable as a tourist destination for children in Bali. This is because this place itself provides many things that children need to know horses.

How to learn fun in a fun way for children. This place itself does provide learning about riding techniques not only to children but also to those who have grown up. The level of difficulty and the way of learning by yourself will be adjusted to the age and level of understanding of the participants themselves.

If you want to train a horse in this place you don’t need to be a special member, there also needs to be special training in this place. Their horses are in this place. For trainers, it can now be changed into two, namely those who come from within the country and those who come from abroad. Important things were discussed for the participants to better understand the learning they received.

In addition to providing horse riding lessons, this place also has other facilities that are no less fun. Some facilities that we can try such as horse riding while enjoying the beautiful views of rice fields, in addition to that some horse riding packages allow us to explore the villages.

However, one program that is quite enjoyable for children is Pony Camp. In this program, children are usually invited to get to know horses. This introduction is through activities in which children are invited to do maintenance activities on horses. An interesting activity for children for sure.

3. Bali Star Adventure

The next horse riding spot is on Serangan Island. Who does not know this island as one of the snorkeling spots in Bali as well as one of the scuba diving spots in Bali? However, who is mangaka turns out in this place there is a place that offers unique activities, namely horse riding.

This place itself is focused on horse tourism activities. This activity itself is intended to be an activity where tourists will use horses as a means to enjoy various kinds of natural beauty that is on Serangan Island. The existence of this type of tour can be said is a very pleasant thing because tourists will get a unique and very interesting experience. For those who are less able to ride then don’t worry because it will still be accompanied by guides. Regarding safety will be guaranteed by the tour organizer. []

During this tour, visitors will get a safety insurance guarantee during the trip. Besides, the presence of professional bathers will certainly make us feel more secure.

One of the activities offered by this tour is swimming with horses. Yup, we will invite horses to swim in the sea. Although not swimming completely. But more precisely we will take the horse for a walk on the beach. This activity will certainly be very fun. While riding a horse we can see the best sunset view in Indonesia which is located on the island of Serangan. A very interesting activity for sure.

4. Ubud Stable

Bali’s one horse riding place is in Ubud. Precisely located in one of the Tourism Villages in Bali, namely Pupuan Village, Tegalalang. As one of the tourist attractions in Ubud this place does provide a sensation for those who want to look for a different experience.

Horse riding while enjoying the beautiful panorama of traditional villages around Stable is one of the very popular tour packages at this location. this place itself can be said to be still classified as very new, this is because this place itself has been established since 2015. Although it is still relatively new, this place is already very well known for tourists both from abroad and within the country.

The distance from this location itself from the city of Ubud is only about 30 minutes drive. With a fairly short distance, itself makes this location one of the very crowded locations hunted by tourists. Also, there are many bureaus and tourist agents that include the Ubud Stable into their tour program while in Ubud.

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