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March 28, 2018

Fun outdoor activities to do in Bali

Bali is known for its beautiful culture and because of this, Bali is often being associated with a relaxing holiday. But, did you know that there are a lot of adventurous things to do in Bali? Let us provide you with some information about several really cool things to do!

Let’s start from mild to the rougher adventures:

  1. bali villas r us blogA bike tour through Ubud. It is nice to see the island from another perspective and you are able to stop on the way to make beautiful pictures of the landscapes. For some it may not be the adventure they are looking for but for others who might plan on having a spa holiday, this might be a pleasant tour just to get a little bit of activity in your holiday.
  2. For the ones who seek a bit more adventure than a bike ride can go on a Quad or buggy ride. It is very exciting to ride through the rice fields, jungle and mud tracks. It is a fun and safe activity for individuals or groups looking to explore the world or quad bike adventuring.
  3. For the people amongst us who do not fear heights, Bali Freetop Adventure Park is an amazing and nice place to spend your day. Venture from tree to tree and keep those muscles going! It is a fun activity for groups or families who like to spend the day outdoors.
  4. Do you like to climb and see the jungle from close by? Than canyoning is really something you should explore! Spend your day climbing up a waterfall in the middle of the jungle. This way you really get to explore the true beauty of Bali.
  5. Don’t mind getting wet? Wild water rafting is a popular activity that allows you to become one with nature and where different excitements are waiting during the whole ride. Inflatable rafts carry you to the breathtaking rainforests of Bali.

bali villas r us blogAs you can see, Bali really offers a lot that suits everyone. Of course there are a lot more things to do but these are just a few options to get your interest. We do not only offer holiday rental villas but we also offer you several experiences like; family, holiday, adventure and cultural experiences. Please feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help you arrange the activities you desire just to make your holiday perfect!

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