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September 13, 2019

How To Deal With Plastic Waste

Most of the plastics that are available in Indonesia pollute the waters, due to lack of awareness and lack of knowledge of the plastic dangers as well as littering, it becomes very serious. Problems arise come from two sides, the government and the community.
According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, it will produce around 66 – 67 million tons of garbage in 2019.
This amount is higher than the amount of garbage per year which reaches 64 million tons.
Based on the report the type of waste generated is dominated by organic waste which reaches around 60 percent and plastic waste that reaches 15 percent.
The data is in line with the 2015 waste care day in which there were only 61 collaborators while in 2017 it reached 9,550 collaborators.
In my opinion, this number shows that public awareness about the dangers of plastic waste can be further developed, one of which is to foster knowledge about the side effects of plastic waste.
The plastic is in our body, everywhere. Fish that have been exposed to plastic waste pollution may think that it is their food and finally decide to eat it, then come to us as the food chain. It happens and will not go to stop if we just let it be.
A week ago I went on a trip to a village in northern Badung, Bali. It turns out that pretty surprising given their awareness of cleanliness is extraordinary compared to those in more crowded and popular areas, such as Seminyak and Kuta. What I see, every house that I see in the village has two red and green garbage bins, I am sure that it is the difference between the garbage bin for organic and inorganic waste. Much neater compared to a place that I feel should be more advanced and neat than that location.
For those of us who understand the adverse effects that will result from plastic waste, start replacing the use of plastic in every day, just like changing shopping bags, straws and others. And start doing simple recycle for wiser plastics use.
To deal with a plastic waste according to The Daily Garden some things can be done to reduce plastic waste, such as:

-Search for recycling programs in your community. Many cities have plastic waste delivery points or even municipal recycled waste collection points on the roadside. However, each community is different, so contact your local government and ask what facilities and options are available in your area.

-Order a recycle bin for plastic that can be recycled to be placed at the roadside trash collection location. In some communities, you can manage to recycle like managing waste – all you need to do is register in the program and get a recycle plastic bin.

-Place the recycled plastic waste at the point of waste delivery location. In areas that do not have roadside garbage collection sites, there are often large recycling bins around the city, usually in public places such as schools, churches, or city buildings.

Bring plastic waste directly to the local recycling center. Search online or contact local authorities to find recycling centers in your area. If a recycling center receives plastic waste, you can bring plastic waste directly to it.

Related with the eco-tourism style in Bali, the village I went to is really good for retreat escape or enjoy nature while you’ll educate by the citizen culture.
Bali Villas R Us accommodate your curiosity or repeat to lost in Balinese universe. Plan you’re own experienced!

The convenience provided is in line with the existing difficulties. So continue to do better change and protect our earth for the best version of it!

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