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October 4, 2019

Kuta Beach Festival 2019

October is coming to the island, what’s special for this month except for Halloween? the answer is the annual Kuta Beach Festival 2019. There’s a lot of event upcoming pack in one by this big captivating event.

Quoted from Kuta Beach Festival, The beginning of the establishment of Kuta Beach Festival is shown by the figure of the young turtle (Yowana Desa Adat Kuta) sitting relaxed playing guitar wanting to show his skills and creativity in the music world while looking at the beautiful Kuta beach venue which is the venue of KBF until now.
The turtle already has a partner by riding a motorcycle which is one of our sponsors at the time, traveling through the Legian street (Bali Bombing Monument) while remembering events that have devastated tourism in Kuta, Bali, and Indonesia.
On the third poster, the turtle already has offspring, with happy expressions, wearing traditional clothes while showing his children, even though we have been successful and recognized, we also must not forget our roots as Balinese who have many customs and culture, one of Baleganjur competition.
With the success of the previous events, it seems that the turtle began to get intimidation from various groups, although it did not dampen the turtle to run this event, seen from the giant octopus protecting him behind him which was his enthusiasm and blessing. At the end of the event, precisely at the festival food stand, a turtle came from the sea and lay eggs in the venue. (Can be seen from our youtube “KUTA BEACH FESTIVAL 2018”)
The turtle starts to stride and is equipped with strong experience (wearing a golden glove on the right hand) to get ready to start this year’s KBF event. Artchelon of Atlantis, Archelon (ancient giant turtle who was the leader of the turtles in his time according to the Greek language, became a milestone to keep fighting for positive things, displayed with the creativity of young people, but still innocent and innocent and do not forget the customs and culture in the era of globalization that has advanced, which is actually Indonesia is the lost Atlantis So save your date 11, 12, 13 October 2019 and see u at the Kuta Beach Festival, 2019 fellas!
And don’t forget to stay spoiled by your relax time in our Villas, definitely will accomplish your desire and thirstiness of great vacation!

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