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March 18, 2021

Rent Villa Easy Guidance (Step-by-Step)

Everything you need to find out for traveling is in the ease of our palm nowadays. It is just a matter of swapping up, scrolling down, and reading through our gadgets to have a quick look at the selections of accommodation in your traveling destination by booking applications and websites. These booking methods provide more benefits, minimize physical contact, and allow you time efficiency throughout the pandemic.

Renting a villa, for some, maybe a daunting experience especially for those newbies who are a virgin to staycation and traveling.  To rent villa of your own choice, we will disclose the ultimate easy guide and help you identify what to prepare and do when you already set your mind to travel in the near future.

#1 Pick your travel destination

In case that you are very confident and certain about your plan to go on vacation in the foreseeable future, you may begin by picking a travel destination that suits your travel expense. Let’s get the ball rolling by researching several locations you long to set out on a journey!

Start saving more money for your trip and decide whether you are going to need a traveling agent service for a tour guide or not. If you are onto a low-budget trip, forget about the tour guide. You can rely on your research skills to be more knowledgeable about the surrounding areas. You might commence a little practice to learn basic conversation skills in that foreign country’s native language, expecting you need a hand from a stranger who does not speak English.

#2 If you plan to travel in high season periods, book early

Being attentive to the peak season in your dream travel destination usually will give you a broader range of rental choices during the high season. The destination will be at its best weather. Many tourists desire to experience their vacation spot in the peak season. They expect that it will have a greater number of attractions to be set up and, of course, more excitement. Therefore, we highly recommend you to plan ahead, assuming you will take your time off in the peak season.

#3 Choose your booking method

Further, you need to figure out which method you will utilize to execute your plan to rent villa. Several methods, including booking websites, booking applications, on-location direct booking, and phone booking, are available for you to choose from.

It is difficult to arrange for an on-location direct and phone booking if you reside across the country. Let alone contacting through an international phone call that will cost you an extra fee. However, you can have your reservation through booking applications or booking websites. We offer a direct booking service provided you wish to rent villa via our website.  Bali Villas R Us has access to 450 villas with the main focus in the southern part of, Bali. We are ready to cater to your need for a villa with various purposes from honeymoon, birthday, wedding; you name it! Check out Bali Villas R Us for our exceptional villas with an incredible value up to 80% off right now.  

#4 Ask These Questions Before Reserving

When you book accommodation, you must see what is included in the room package and the amenities, whether the total price already includes access to the pool and breakfast. You will also want to be sure that there is no hidden cost. So, right after you arrive at the villa, you do not have to sweat for the things you are not agreed upon. Also, ask whether the villa also offers a cancellation option. It will be very profitable if you have the urgency that forces you to abort your trip. Lastly, you might need to invest in trip insurance to prevent your investment from unexpected developments.

If you are still unsure about what is included in the villa, please inquire the trusted contact number or email about your concerns. Ask the probability of discount and the availability of pick-up transport arranged on your arrival and whether you are charged extra for the service. It denotes importance for you to ask about transportation rental as well so you can easily scoot around your favorite attractions.

Make sure you do not miss out on the rental guide above before pressing that reserve button. Are you planning to go on vacation and still unsure where to stay at? Click here to learn more about our prime service villas. They have easy access to the best pristine beaches and top attractions in Bali. Heavenly stay is worth a holiday!