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Seminyak Hotels

Located on the Southwest Bali coast is one of the area’s most sought after destinations. The beach town of Seminyak has grown into a tourist mecca thanks to its wide array of activities. With such rapid growth, Seminyak has turned into a vacationer’s playground. This place is known as the spa and boutique capital of Bali thanks to its upscale vibe. Seminyak’s location is right next to the Indian Ocean. This municipality is dense, especially when you compare its population to its actual size.

What Does Seminyak Have To Offer

This destination is loaded with street-side diners, high-end shops, bars, fine dining restaurants, gorgeous beaches and art galleries. Though the area is bustling with activities, there are plenty of hidden “green spaces,” which are perfect for relaxation. Some of the area’s most notable establishments are La Lucciola (restaurant) with its 10 years of great eating heritage, the festive beach-side bar/restaurant of Ku De Ta, and the sophisticated elegance of the Oberoi Hotel.

Seminyak has a little bit of everything thanks to its eclectic environment and style. If you’re a water lover, and you would like to take a plunge in the sea, book your next experience with Adventures Scuba Diving Bali for snorkeling and scuba diving action. Big Bali Tours is great for those who want to explore the area while learning about its culture and Seminyak Horse Ride allows vacationers to take a two-hour horse ride on the beach and throughout the area.

Seminyak Accommodation

If there is one thing that Bali specialises in, accommodation is at the top of the list. Seminyak’s forte is accommodation as it provides vacationers with private villas, luxury villas, five-star resorts, beach side hotels, economy motels and hostels. Check out the list below.


Villa Orange is easy on the eyes, has a modern appearance and it’s located in the heart of Seminyak. Villa Orange brings the outdoors to the indoors with its intertwined lay-out. This villa is very upscale with its fully-equipped kitchens, well-maintained gardens and outdoor pools. Other features included are:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • Private Pools
  • Car/Bike Parking
  • Massage
  • Private Chef

Villa Esha Seminyak II has an open, funky appearance thanks to its art deco design. The villa’s huge glass panel walls are stunning, which allows you to overlook the hidden pool and outdoor living spaces. The atmosphere here is open, airy and laid-back. Features included are:

  • Forty-Inch Televisions
  • Cable TV
  • Large Master Bedrooms
  • Safety Box
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gazebo

Villa Kalimaya IV is a private and luxurious option for friends or family. These three bedroom, two story, beautifully appointed villas offer splendour and luxury and are sure to impress. Some of the many features include:

  • Housekeeping Services
  • Satellite TV
  • Private Pool
  • Safety Box
  • Wi-Fi
  • BBQ