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March 11, 2021

Shopping Tips at the Ubud Traditional Art Market

Aside from shopping malls in Bali, the existence of local markets in Indonesia is still taken into account because locals prefer shopping for their daily needs there at a relatively lower price. On the other hand, traditional art markets are unique. Tourists can admire local artworks and take home some of them as souvenirs for their loved ones. If you are visiting Ubud, your Ubud walkthrough will be incomplete without visiting the Ubud art market.

Where Is the Ubud Art Market Location?

Situated in the heart of Ubud, it is a piece of cake to find the location. Supposedly you happen to stroll around Ubud Royal Palace or Puri Saren Ubud and see a crowd of people gathering on the other side of the area; you must have been close to it! Nestled in a very strategic location, the Ubud traditional art market is located at Jalan Raya Ubud No.35 –Ubud, Bali.

The parking lot in the area is considered very limited. When your stay is a little bit far from the site, it will save you the burden of finding a parking lot by having a driver with you.

You can get off as soon as you arrive at the market while the driver waits for you at a particular nearby spot. However, if your accommodation is adjacent to the area, you can take a nice morning walk or renting a motorbike. There is no entry ticket to the Ubud art market. However, if you bring your vehicle, expect a parking fee.

Are you their ‘Pegarus’?

The bustle does not cease from the mornings to the evenings around 6 pm. In the mornings, local vendors are busy setting up their mini stalls to share with other local vendors for space. Additionally, the locals also believe that their success in selling their items comes to those who make an effort from the earliest dusk.

Therefore, you can try your luck to bargain when you purchase in the mornings. If they are willing to lower the price, it means you are their ‘pegarus‘. This term is defined when you become their first buyer; they believe your first purchase will bring good luck to their sales. It is also not rare for them to reduce their purchase price upon returning home to close the day’s sales.

Since Ubud is always packed with local and international tourists, the Ubud art market is the best to shop in Bali for Balinese handicrafts and souvenirs for your family, relatives, friends, or perhaps for your satisfaction.

You might expect that the market is only selling art stuff, but do not get it all wrong. There are also vendors selling versatile home goods, you have to check out their collections such as:

Balinese Handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts you find at the Ubud traditional art market vary. Beautiful carvings and statues are made of wood and stone. You can purchase wooden masks and admire local paintings as well. It can be the best location for you to learn about Balinese artworks. In Bali, statues and paintings do not only serve the aesthetic purpose; their arts also express their creativity and love for their Hindu deities, Balinese mythology creatures, classic epic heroes, and God. You will discover paintings, statues, and carvings inspired by Hindu deities such as Barong, Ganesha, Siva, and many more.

Smaller Size Souvenirs

In case what you desire is souvenirs smaller in size, you can opt for accessories including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, silver pieces of jewelry, key chains, dream catchers, and numerous others.

You can even discover incenses with various kinds of flower fragrances. You can light them up in your room when you are in the mood for a typical relaxing day.

Clothing and traditional textiles

Are you running out of outfits to wear? You can head over to the market and purchase several pieces of tops, bottoms, and casual Boho-themed dresses as your liking. Balinese textiles are available in diverse styles and colors, such as sarong, kebaya, and batik, apart from casual clothing. You can pick your favorite and pack them as souvenirs too. They are a perfect mascot of clothing to introduce to your closer ones who have not got the chance to visit Bali. 

Ratan Bags

Ratan bags are extremely popular worldwide. The fiber strands are eco-friendly and available in multiple variants of color in the traditional market that you can choose to your heart’s content. Rattan bags complete your casual daily wear as your travel-go-to bag. They are unique, lovely, and up to the trend.


The best part about Ubud traditional art market is you will easily spot cute home utensils from bamboo and wood material. Some of them are woven baskets, wooden plates and other dining utensils that will be very eye-catching for your content-marketing material, home décor, or personal use.

If you do not see the price tag for the items, do not hesitate to ask while mingling with the local sellers. Shopping in Ubud market allows you to experience how humble the locals are in Bali, and by purchasing the items from the market, you unintentionally contribute to help their economy. While you are trying your luck to bargain, keep in mind that $1 also means so much for these locals. 

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