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January 3, 2020


Pic by @harrykessell

Quoted from Bali is a dreamland for travelers to explore and holiday-makers to indulge in. It’s a mix of landscapes, people, culture, and food that creates unique energy and a destination that has visitors wanting more. From the iconic rice terraces in the center of the island to the white sand beaches in the south, Bali is truly a paradise that is developed in some areas but still completely untouched in others.

Whether you want to take time out of your busy schedule to relax or to explore the shores and mountains on this incredible island, we’re sharing the best places to visit in Bali to help you have an unforgettable trip

Pic by @marvelous


Ubud is the heart of Bali, built in the center of the island and home to a vibrant arts scene. It’s in Ubud that you’ll find the most culture, Balinese dancing, and temples. The busy streets in the center of town are filled with delicious restaurants and bustling shops with tranquil yoga retreats set back from the streets. Just outside of town are the temples and rice terraces that are a Bali icon.

Best for: Culture, yoga, food, shopping.
Where is it? Ubud is in central Bali and is a 60- to 90-minute drive from Denpasar airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, get blessed at Tirta Empul Temple, see the monkeys in Monkey Forest, take some time for yoga and climb Mount Batur for sunrise.
How long do you need? 3-5 days.
Recommended tour: Hop on a Bali all-inclusive tour that will bring you to sacred temples, a viewpoint overlooking Mount Batur, Ubud Palace, the Monkey Forest, and more cultural activities.

Pic by @ern


Seminyak is the most luxurious area in Bali. It’s where beach resorts and world-class hotels line the perfectly white sand beach and are where expats have set up home and opened many restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, boutiques and home stores for you to eat and shop at. Seminyak is easily where you could spend your entire holiday, shopping, enjoying the many spas, beach sunsets, partying and surfing.

Best for: Beaches, shopping, food, nightlife, surfing.
Where is it? Seminyak is in southern Bali, a 30-minute drive from Denpasar airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Watch the sunset on the beach, take a surfing lesson, enjoy a spa day, spend a day at Potato Head Beach Club and shop ‘til you drop.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Indulge in a traditional Balinese spa package and spend a day relaxing with a two- to three-hour spa session with treatments of your choice.

Pic by @thinkdeep


Kuta is the epicenter of entertainment in Bali. It was the island’s first area to be developed for tourists and it still continues to grow today. Kuta has busy streets, cheap cafes, shopping, and surf shops and is known for its party atmosphere. Kuta is not for everyone, but it’s often where travelers make their first stop to hit the long easy waves or enjoy the unlimited entertainment on offer.

Best for Surfing, partying, non-Balinese activities.
Where is it? Kuta is in southern Bali and is a quick 15-minute drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Check out Kuta Beach, get wet at Waterbom Bali, visit Dream Museum Zone, see a show at Kuta Theatre and practice surfing in the ocean or at Armada Flow House.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Hop in the water for a 2.5-hour beginner’s surfing lesson on Kuta Beach where you can practice your skills on some of the best waves.

Pic by @timrael


Canggu is an up-and-coming resort area that has yet to develop the expensive tastes of Seminyak. For now, it’s filled with villas, beach clubs and three main strips lined with casual Australian-style cafes. Canggu is where travelers go to chill out, hit the waves, practice yoga and where many ex-pats choose to call home.

Best for: Beaches, surfing, yoga.
Where is it? Canggu is on Bali’s southern coast and is a 45-minute drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Take a surfing lesson, catch the sunset on the beach, eat your way through the cafes, visit Tanah Lot Temple and check out Love Anchor Market.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Spend some time horse riding on the beach and in the rice fields to see some of the beautiful scenery surrounding Canggu.

Pic by @fivepointseven


Nusa Dua is the most manicured area of Bali and is a place where you can escape the chaos. Here, there are two headlands with a temple on each and resorts between. Nusa Dua is for anyone who wants to explore the many water activities available, the beautiful waters and the white sand beaches. It’s famed for its 18-hole golf course and all-inclusive resorts

Best for: Families, beaches, golfing.
Where is it? Nusa Dua is along Bali’s south-eastern shore and is a 25-minute drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: See the Devdan show, check out the beaches, watch the Water Blow, walk along the Nusa Dua Promenade and hit up the golf course.
How long do you need? 2-3 days
Recommended tour: Enjoy a white sand beach and sunset tour where you’ll visit some of the best beaches in Bali and enjoy the sunset in Uluwatu.

Pic by @natejohnston


The Nusa Penida District is a group of three islands off Bali’s south-east coast famous for their stunningly blue waters, rugged cliffs, and marine life. Nusa Penida is the largest island and was the last to attract visitors, but it has dramatic landscapes and small villages that are still yours to explore. Nusa Lembongan is best known for its surfing, snorkeling and diving opportunities. While Nusa Ceningan sits in the middle of the two larger islands, it’s easily explored from Nusa Lembongan and has unbelievably beautiful waters.

Best for: Beaches, surfing, diving/snorkeling.
Where is it? The Nusa Islands sit off Bali’s south-east coast. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida can be accessed by public or fast boats that range in travel time from 30-90 minutes and leave from Sanur. Nusa Ceningan is accessed from Nusa Lembongan via a yellow bridge.
Top 5 things to see/do: Visit Kelingking Beach, snorkel with manta rays, see the Blue Lagoon, catch the sunset on the beach and stop by Devil’s Tear.
How long do you need? 2-5 days.
Recommended tour: Experience a two-day Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan complete tour where you will get to snorkel at the best spots, visit the Mangrove Forest, see the top spots on Nusa Penida and get a scooter to explore on your own.

Pic by @levim


Uluwatu is just one part of the Bukit Peninsula that makes up the most southern part of Bali. The area showcases a heavy contrast from the rest of the island with plunging stone cliffs, large waves and rolling terrain. Uluwatu is home to some of the most famous surf breaks on the island, one of the best spots for watching the sunset and unbeatable beaches in easy and harder to get to areas that make for an adventure.

Best for: Beaches.
Where is it? Uluwatu is the most southern part of Bali and a 40-minute drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Visit Uluwatu Temple, see a Kecak dance (fire dance), surf Bali’s best waves, check out the top beaches and watch the sunset at Single Fin.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Experience a half-day sunset Uluwatu Temple tour where you’ll get to watch the unusual Kecak fire dance, visit Uluwatu Temple and enjoy the sunset in Jimbaran Bay.

Pic by @madschimidt


Amed is a string of fishing villages that make up the far north-eastern coast of Bali, dotted along the clear waters of the ocean. The area is still developing for tourists but is holding true to its traditions. What Amed is most known for are its excellent diving and snorkeling spots, while in town, yoga is making its way into the scene. The grey-stoned beaches and excellent lookouts make Amed a beautiful stop on any Bali trip.

Best for Diving and snorkeling.
Where is it? Amed is along Bali’s north-eastern coast and is an 80-minute drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: See the Bay Jemeluk Underwater Gallery, snorkel or dive the Japanese shipwreck, visit Jemeluk viewpoint, practice yoga and try freediving.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Explore what Amed is most famous for underwater with an intro to freediving course where you’ll learn the techniques to see the best sites and practice yoga.

Pic by @levim


Munduk is an area in Bali where people go to escape the hustle and bustle and to experience nature. The rolling hills sit pleasantly as the mist moves in the afternoons while travelers take to the hills in the early morning to hike the numerous trails available. Waterfalls pour down the sides of lush jungle cliffs and the lakes that lie just outside of Munduk are picturesque.

Best for Hiking, scenery, nature, waterfalls.
Where is it? Munduk sits in the central highlands and is a 2.5-hour drive from the airport.
Top 5 things to see/do: Chase waterfalls, visit Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, go hiking in the hills, check out the viewpoints along the lakes and visit a coffee plantation.
How long do you need? 2-3 days.
Recommended tour: Do a Munduk Waterfalls trekking tour to experience the beauty of the mountain village, visit a local village and see the famous Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.

Pic by @marcellaoscar


This group of three tiny islands is not a part of Bali, but many visitors choose to zip out to the Gili Islands to experience paradise. The islands are tiny with no motorized vehicles, making it a quiet oasis that is lined with white sand beaches and palm-fringed shores. The marine life just off the shores is well known for turtle spotting. These islands are booming and have people flocking to them for the laid-back culture and vibes. Gili Trawangan, the largest, is most known as the party island, while the smallest, Gili Meno, is the quietest and known as the honeymoon island. Gili Air is a mix of the two.

Best for: Beaches, diving, snorkeling, parties, relaxation.
Where is it? The Gili Islands are just off of Lombok’s northern shores, the island that sits east of Bali. The most common way to get to the Gili Islands from Bali is by fast boat which takes three hours from Sanur or Padang Bai harbors.
Top 5 things to see/do: Go diving or snorkeling, chill on the beach, watch the sunset over Mount Rinjani, watch a movie on the beach and enjoy the nightlife.
How long do you need? 2-5 days.
Recommended tour: Visit the Gili Islands on a two-day tour from Bali that includes stops on all islands, snorkeling, transfers and a beach bungalow for accommodation.

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