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August 16, 2019

Visiting museum on Independence Day. Why Not?
Well, hearing the word museum is kind of boring. But you might want to know how the people who live before the Independence Day are struggling. Can you imagine when you live at that time and living was seem so difficult and full of insecurities?
Well, these museums I wanted to share with you might want to catch your attention.

  1. Jakarta History Museum
    This museum tells you story about Jakarta and Indonesia. When you visit this place you get enlightenment from time to time when Indonesia, especially Jakarta when colonized by the Dutch. You can also get a tour guide if you want to about the history of Indonesia. This museum is also great for photography or filming a scene. They had a great collection of artifacts from the prehistoric stone to colonial guns. Not only strolling and learning about history, but inside there is also plaza where you can sit enjoying the view and the wind. Even though this is an old building it surprisingly strong and intact. Overall it’s a beautiful place and you should definitely go here if you went to Jakarta. For a local only IDR 5k rupiah and foreign around IDR 25k. So recommended for peoples who loved city tour!
  2. Satria Mandala Museum
    If you want to touch tanks and guns, this museum is the right choice and if you are interested in military history it is definitely a fantastic place! This museum which located in South Jakarta has a fair collection of airplanes and vehicles even a patrol vessel from the Navy. The airplanes are from Japanese training planes and a fighter left behind after World War 2. B-25 and Mustangs taken over from the Dutch to more modern plane! The more exciting thing is you also you can get real good close up photos of most of them if you want to. Step inside further, they got a lot of dioramas showing the different battles of the revolution around Java and Sumatra. Moreover, they also hold a good collection of uniforms and weapons. Included in the uniform collection is a lot of badges used by the TNI (Indonesian National Army) through the times.
  3. National Awakening Museum
    What you expect when you visiting a museum? Yes, you will definitely wants to feel like you’ve been there when the real occurrence happened.
    This is a hidden gem in Jakarta that located a little bit hidden from the main road, but it is still can be accessed by public transportation. The museum is really well maintained has beautiful gardens, cozy outdoor, very clean, well decorated, and of course amazing historical writings about Indonesia. But the best part of this museum is diorama! They even have life-sized diorama! You can take picture with them as well, so awesome! It will take sometime to stroll around the whole museum and you might get tired and thirsty but don’t worry, they have a canteen at the back of the museum. And 1 more thing, you only pay IDR 2K for the ticket and you’ll get a souvenir!
  4. Formulation of the proclamation manuscript museum
    Proclamation manuscript has the most important role in Indonesia Independence day, and the moment of formulating the manuscript itself has a very historical value. If you want to learn history about how the text to declare the Indonesian independence was made, this is the right place. This place is home of Laksamana Maeda. A Japanese Navy officer that reside at this building during Japanese occupation in Batavia 1942-1945. Proclamation statement of Independence formulated here by Indonesian founding fathers in mid August 1945. Located near the city center of Jakarta, the place can be accessed and found easily by using public transportation. There are also parking lots can be used by visitors. Inside the museum, you will find the history about how the proclamation text was made and story of heroes who were in involved. The museum is really cozy because you can find several seating and the place is air conditioned. The pictures shown here have been integrated to an app that can be downloaded to your gadgets. By scanning the pictures you will see several videos explaining the history behind the pictures.
  5. Indonesian National Museum
    National Museum is a museum located on Central of Jakarta. This museum has a huge of Indonesian History, especially from our past (pre-history until colonialism era). A place where you, friends, and family can visit anytime except Monday. It’s a good place to spend your time to get knowledge of Indonesian culture especially artefacts, masks, stones, etc. The price for the entry ticket is so cheap, yet you will get a good experience in this place. It has the cafeteria as well and you will have fun. The building, rooms, and this place has a good structural. And all of its stuff has a good manner. They will lead and telling us about the things that displayed on this museum nicely, clearly and politely.
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