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Bali Entrance Fee 2024: What You Need to Know

Published on January 22, 2024

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. The island is famous for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse attractions. However, Bali also faces some challenges in preserving its environment and heritage, as well as providing quality services and infrastructure for its guests.

To address these issues, the Bali Provincial Government has introduced a new policy, called the Comprehensive Development Plan, which aims to balance the development and conservation of Bali. One of the initiatives under this plan is the implementation of a tourism levy for foreign visitors, starting from February 14, 2024.

In this article, we will explain what the Bali Entrance Fee 2024 is, why it matters, and how to pay it. We will also provide some tips and recommendations for making the most of your trip to Bali.


What is the Bali Entrance Fee 2024?

The Bali Entrance Fee 2024 is a one-time fee of IDR 150,000 (about USD 10) that all international tourists must pay when they visit Bali. The fee will be collected either in cash or by credit card upon arrival at the airport or sea port. The fee is applicable to all travelers, regardless of their age, nationality, or visa status.

The fee is not a tax, but a contribution to the Love Bali movement, which is a campaign launched by the Bali Provincial Government to support the Comprehensive Development Plan. The revenue from the fee will be used to fund various projects and programs related to the preservation and enhancement of Bali’s nature, culture, and community.


Why does the Bali Entrance Fee 2024 matter?

The Bali Entrance Fee 2024 is a significant step towards achieving sustainable tourism in Bali. By paying the fee, you are not only helping to protect and improve the island’s environment and heritage, but also to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and memorable.

Some of the benefits of the Bali Entrance Fee 2024 are:

  • It will help to maintain and restore the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bali, such as its forests, beaches, coral reefs, and wildlife.
  • It will help to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage and traditions of Bali, such as its temples, ceremonies, arts, and crafts.
  • It will help to improve the quality and accessibility of public services and facilities for tourists and locals alike, such as roads, transportation, health, education, and security.
  • It will help to empower and support the local communities and businesses that depend on tourism, such as farmers, artisans, guides, and vendors.

By paying the Bali Entrance Fee 2024, you are not only contributing to the welfare and development of Bali, but also to your own satisfaction and happiness. According to a study by Cornell University, spending money on experiences rather than material goods can increase your well-being and life satisfaction. Therefore, by investing in your travel experience, you are also investing in yourself.


How to pay the Bali Entrance Fee 2024?

The Bali Entrance Fee 2024 can be paid in two ways: online or offline.

The online method is the most convenient and recommended option, as it allows you to pay the fee in advance and avoid any hassle or delay at the arrival point. To pay online, you need to visit the official Love Bali website or download the Love Bali app on your smartphone. You can then register your personal details, select your payment method, and receive a tourism levy voucher via email. You need to save the voucher on your phone and show it at the checkpoint in the airport or sea port, where it will be scanned and verified.

The offline method is the alternative option, in case you are unable to pay online or prefer to pay in person. To pay offline, you need to bring enough cash or a credit card to the arrival point, where you will find a designated counter for the Bali Entrance Fee 2024. You need to fill out a form with your personal details, pay the fee, and receive a receipt. You need to keep the receipt as proof of payment and show it at the checkpoint, where it will be checked and stamped.


Tips and recommendations for visiting Bali

Now that you know everything about the Bali Entrance Fee 2024, you are ready to plan and enjoy your trip to Bali. Here are some tips and recommendations to make the most of your visit:

  • Check the latest travel regulations and requirements before you book your flight and accommodation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bali has implemented some health and safety protocols for travelers, such as testing, vaccination, and quarantine. You can find the updated information on the official Bali Tourism website or the Welcome Back to Bali website.

  • Book your activities and tours in advance to secure your spot and get the best deals. Bali offers a wide range of attractions and experiences for every taste and budget, such as surfing, diving, hiking, yoga, cooking, and cultural tours. You can browse and book your activities online through reputable platforms such as Klook, Viator, or GetYourGuide.

  • Book your accommodation with Bali Villas R Us, the leading property management and marketing company in Bali. They offer a curated selection of luxury and premium villas in various locations, such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Ubud. You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own villa, with a private pool, spacious living area, and professional staff. By booking directly on our website, you can avoid any platform fee and get the best price guaranteed. You can also benefit from our exclusive packages and promotions, such as honeymoon, wedding, and long-stay deals. You can visit our website or contact us via email [email protected] or WhatsApp at +62 81236868956 for more information and reservations.

  • Respect the local culture and customs when you visit Bali. Bali is a predominantly Hindu island, with a rich and diverse culture that is reflected in its temples, ceremonies, and daily life. You should dress modestly and cover your shoulders and knees when you enter a temple or attend a religious event. You should also avoid touching or pointing at people or objects with your feet, as they are considered impure. You should also ask for permission before taking photos of people or places, especially during sacred occasions.

  • Be environmentally conscious and responsible when you visit Bali. Bali is facing some environmental challenges, such as plastic pollution, water scarcity, and climate change. You can help to reduce your impact and support the local efforts by following some simple practices, such as:

    • Bring your own reusable water bottle, bag, and straw, and avoid buying or using single-use plastic items.
    • Dispose of your waste properly and recycle whenever possible. You can also join or support some of the local initiatives that organize beach clean-ups or waste management projects, such as Trash Hero, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, or Eco Bali.
    • Conserve water and energy by taking shorter showers, turning off the lights and appliances when not in use, and choosing eco-friendly accommodation and transportation options.
    • Respect and protect the wildlife and nature by not feeding, touching, or disturbing the animals, plants, or coral reefs. You can also volunteer or donate to some of the local organizations that work to conserve and rehabilitate the wildlife and nature, such as Bali Wildlife Rescue Center, Bali Sea Turtle Society, or Coral Triangle Center.

We hope this blog post has given you some useful information and inspiration for your trip to Bali. By paying the Bali Entrance Fee 2024, you are not only supporting the sustainable development of Bali, but also enhancing your own travel experience. Bali is a beautiful and diverse island that has something for everyone, and we are sure that you will have an unforgettable time there.

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