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Recommended Local Foodspots in Bali

Published on October 23, 2023

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, iconic rice terraces, and ancient temples, but it's also a food lover's paradise. The island is home to a diverse range of culinary delights, from traditional Indonesian dishes to fusion cuisine. The range of culinary delights are waiting to be discovered! There's something for everyone in Bali's food scene. 



From the many food options it may sometimes be hard to choose which one to pick. 

To help you with this indecisiveness we compiled the foodspots you should definitely try when visiting Bali. So, tag along in this blog where we’ll be exploring some of the best food spots:



  • Shady shack 


  • Moana

  • Luma 

  • Milk & Madu 

  • Penny lane 

  • Machinery 

  • Lola’s cantina mexicana 

  • Warung Jaba

  • Ons Warung 

  • Umah Tali

  • Village Green

  • Le concept

  • Samosa

  • Milu

  • My cocotte

  • Graden Canggu by pizza house

  • Santorini



  • Bias courtyard  

  • The Social  

  • Naughty nuri’s 

  • Sisterfields  

  • KYND Community 

  • Ling ling’s 

  • Rosalitas Cantina  

  • Nook

  • Barbacoa

  • Ingka restaurant 

  • Ingka Petitenget  

  • Doppio pink 

  • Neon Palms 

  • Made’s Warung

  • Pasta dealer

  • Corner house



  • Pison 

  • Blend café 

  • Simply social

  • Union 

  • Monkey legend

  • Sweet Orange Warung

  • Sun Sun Warung

  • Sami Sami Space 

  • Warung Makan Bu Rus



  • Single fin 

  • Warung local 

  • Gooseberry 

  • Suka Espresso

  • Ours

  • Ulu cliff house 

  • Three steps coffee

  • Nourish 

  • The loft 

  • The view 

  • Lola’s cantina mexicana 

  • Warung Local

  • Ganesha 88

  • La Baracca

  • Rolling Fork

  • The Cashewtree



  • Ritatkala café

  • Paper hills



  • Fresco 

  • Makan place 

  • Fat chow 


Besides the many delicious eateries, there are some dishes you should definitely try when visiting Bali. 


The first is babi guling. Probably Bali's most iconic local dish. It is usually served with rice, pork sausage, sayur urap (a vegetable salad in coconut-chili dressing), large pieces of spiced, spit-roasted tasty skin - all turned perfectly tender after hours of slow roasting.


The second is Nasi Campur. Balinese nasi campur is a favorite dish among locals, who usually eat it for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. As the pick'n'mix of the Balinese food world, it is an assortment of Indonesia's best appetizers. 


The third is Nasi or Mie Goreng. Almost the national dish of Indonesia, fried rice and noodles. Generally it is topped with a fried egg and dried shallots, mixed with vegetables and served with pickles, crackers and a couple of sticks of chicken or beef satay. 


In any case, Bali has something for everyone and, as a food lover, you can't believe your luck when you visit the island. 


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