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Tanjung Benoa Bali Water Fun - Must-Try Activities in Bali 2024!

Published on August 13, 2023

If we ever described Bali and its charm, we are pretty sure that you will most likely include its ocean paradise, won’t you? For a small island, Bali is just blessed with numerous beaches and each has its own best features. The sand is not always white in color, some have unique black sand. Several beaches in Bali are great for swimming and snorkeling. Some beaches allow you to trek down a hill before you can finally encounter the real beauty. If you are specific in your reasoning to come for surfing in Bali, there are Bali beaches that can cater to that need as well. Speaking of water attractions and your love for stimulating activities, We could not be more excited to show you what we have for water sport Tanjung Benoa.

We figure you should definitely put them on your bucket list for your 2024 to do in Bali with your buddies.


A Must Try Water Sport Tanjung Benoa

Banana Boat 

Banana Boat Water sport is perfect to enjoy with friends, especially this one: banana boat. Banana boat water sport Tanjung Benoa uses an inflatable material that has a shape and color like a banana. It can carry 5 to 6 people. Basically, a speed boat will pull the banana boat on the water. It rides so fast that your banana boat might jump and hit the waves several times. You definitely don’t want to lose your grip if you are afraid of the fall. But, don’t worry the staff will promptly help you out.


Fly High

Feel the Air in a Flying Fish Water Sport Tanjung Benoa If you are invested in getting the sense of how it feels like to fly above the water, this one calls out for you. Flying fish uses an inflatable, lightweight boat in a flying fish shape. It can hold two people at the same time. You will be instructed to lie down on the boat while holding your grip to the rope tightly. The boat will be pulled against the wind direction to the high seas and then it will fly for 2-3 meters above the sea surface.


Rolling Donut

The donut water sport Tanjung Benoa can come in the size of 2 persons, 4 persons, and even 5 persons. A speed boat will pull the donut inflatable boat. You will start to feel the bumpy waves hitting your boat for about 15 minutes. It is one of the hair-raising games in Bali. You should play at least once in your life, and not overlook.


Jet Ski

You can put your mind at ease if you have never had the experience of jet skiing before or you can’t swim. Before jet skiing, you will be getting a brief from the instructor. You will learning about parts of the machine before running the motorboat. You will get a life jacket and you will be given 15 minutes to ride the motorboat. The lowest speed hovers about 40 MPH (or 64km/hour) and the highest can amount to 80-104 km/hour. Just remember that when you are going at the fastest speed, you might have a hard time controlling the motorboat. It cannot slow down in a sudden, therefore, just be moderate especially if you are taking your kids with you.



This water sport Tanjung Benoa does not suit one with a faint heart because it will slowly take you to fly high in a parachute umbrella that is drawn by a speed boat. You can simply relax and admire the beautiful marine scenery from above. One umbrella can bear for two people.



If you found what we have mentioned too challenging and scary, you can give this one a go. It is risk-free unless you want to swim to reefs deeper. Snorkeling is a water sport Tanjung Benoa that allows your eyes to be pampered with the stunning scenes of marine life at the water’s surface. The gears usually only involve a mask, snorkel (tube), and fins.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving might require further training to learn breathing techniques, as well as more gears like a gas tank, regulator, and many more to use. The gears provide you with more oxygen so you can stay longer underwater. Usually, you will swim at a much greater depth than when you are snorkeling. Scuba diving can give you a better sight of the magical marine life if this is what you are looking for.


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